1st Annual Mountain Archery Fest at McCully Heritage Project - 2024

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Camping information will be posted on the website as soon as we receive that information from each venue. We have a couple sub-events you might be interested in: the Hunt Lift Eat Mountain Fitness Challenge and Red Patch Outdoors School of Hard Nocks. Learn more on our website.

Register for HLE Mountain Fitness Challenge here.

You can register for the RPO School of Hard Nocks on our registration page.


Family Passes are available ONLY to families that include: 1 or  2 Adults (17+) plus up to 5 Youth (16 & Under). Families consisting of more than 6 total shooters are required to register additional members separately. These passes cannot be purchased by groups consisting of more than 2 Adults. Any group that registers as a family outside of these restrictions will pay additional fees upon check-in on site, or risk their registration being cancelled completely, without refund.

ATTENTION COMPETITION SHOOTERS: ALL COMPETITORS will shoot in the Bowhunter Class. You may choose your division (Compound or Traditional, Men's, Women's, Youth, Cubs). You must be registered and checked in 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your time slot (i.e. 8:00-8:30am time slot, must be registered and checked in by 7:30am). A Mandatory instructional meeting will take place 15 minutes prior to your time slot at the Start of the Hunt Lift Eat Western Course.  Anyone arriving late for check-in and/or the mandatory meeting will be moved to the last competition time slot for the day. Competitors will be grouped during the meeting, regardless of when or with whom they register. Youth 16 & Under will be grouped with at least one parent or guardian. All other instructions, and asnwers to questions will be addressed at the mandatory meeting.

Should you find yourself unable to attend the event you have registered for, a 50% refund (excluding online taxes and fees) will be allowed if cancelled within 21 days of the event. You will first be given the option to transfer to another event the same year, the next year, or transfer your registration to another person.